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Do you have a project with 
textile for technical use ?

Entrust your design need to a specialist in flexible materials solutions

Whether you are a local start-up, a developing agency or an international group, we would be happy to work with you wether your need is standard or complex.

Make the most of our mixed know-how to find textile solutions adapted to your needs

We master both textile design and the manufacturing of finished products.
We can take care of all the stages of your project.

Textile study of needs

Study of needs,

flexible materials solutions prototyping

top seed

Knitting, weaving, finishing

Knitting, weaving, finishing, sublimation printing

 Textile production line

assembly and assembling

Logistics support

Back office and support

Whatever your textile demand is,
please take time to test us.

Thanks to our experience and our leading position on some markets, we receive new and exciting requests on a daily basis, some of which are classic while others are more original.


. Laundry rental and maintenance groups
. Personal services


. Retiring homes
. Seniors
. Disability
. Authorized representatives


. Distribution
. Resellers
. Transformers 


. Specialized Distributors
. Communities
. Clubs
. Manufacturers


. Aeronautics
. Waste
. Energy

Make the most of the benefits of a human-sized group that masters the textile supply chain

We employ close to 400 employees across 2 countries and 3 companies to perform in all stages of your technical textile project.


Headquarters and knitting and weaving units located in France

Located in the heart of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, our premises welcome more than 30 collaborators who provide the group's commercial and administrative activities as well as the knitting and weaving activities. 


The Tunisian garment unit
(45 minutes away from Monastir

Managed by French leaders and driven by executives mastering the textile supply chain, the T3 Tunisian subsidiary employs more than 300 colleagues who are regularly trained to guarantee efficiency and quality.

A word from our directors

« Today, textile is no longer just a sector in the economy but a material that transforms into solutions. 
Driven by this philosophy for almost 30 years we have passionately created textile solutions for our customers by mobilizing our technical skills in order to deliver the most qualitative answers to their needs.
With this ambition and shared values, Boldoduc has become a major player in the design and manufacture of functional protection, packaging and functional clothing.
In the future, consistently with our innovation and marketing genes, we will continue to promote our brands & products to an ever more demanding international clientele.
We will place a great emphasis on R&D and internal start-up initiatives in the aim of providing the best technological answers, both internally and externally.
By 2024, we plan on doubling the group's turnover - on a constant scope - with an average organic growth of 15% per annum.
We would like to take this opportunity to very sincerely thank all the actors who have participated in the success of the Boldoduc group. Rest assured that human beins remains our only obsession. »
Jean-Charles POTELLE

Jean-Charles POTELLE


Grégory POISAY

Grégory POISAY


To sum up


Since 1952, Boldoduc weaves, knits and designs solutions based on flexible materials.


From the expression of your needs, our teams offer you a tailored textile solution. 

BCS Certification ISO 9001

For several years, our partners and ourselves have proactively adopted a continuous improvement approach. 

Groupe Boldoduc
Our group

Companies :
Boldoduc TT, T3, SBP Développement, Ateliers CENYO
Brands :
Facil'en Fil, Le FacilitERA

Contact us

15 Chemin du Plateau,
69570 Dardilly (France)

E-Mail :
Phone : +334 78 80 00 16